DIY Smock bibs

If you have kids, you most likely have about 100 baby towels in your bathroom. You know, the ones with the cute little hoods that don’t stay on and material that absorbs absolutely no water? Yeah, those. They’re semi useful when you have an infant but quickly lose the battle to good old regular bath towels that actually absorb moisture. 

So, what to do with all of those useless towels once the babies are toddlers? Well, my husband can only use so many work towels for the garage so I decided to find a use for them other than sitting on a shelf in my bathroom. 

I love the terry cloth bibs so I figured I could make something similar with the towels. Turns out, it was easier than I eccpected and actually worked quite well. Obviously the design could be improved with a little sewing, but who has time for that? 

Here’s how I did it.

Fold towel into a square.

Make a cut for the head. 

Fold into triangle.

Make cuts for arms. I laid my kids on the towel to determine where to make the cuts. They were amused by this. 

Chase down kid and put it on.

This one was harder to chase down, but now loves running around the house shouting “Boo! I’m a spooky ghost!” I’ll call that a win. 

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